Check out the source on github

I have currently only added a Linux build since that's the only system that I have easy access to.

Rather than adding OSX & Windows builds, I've added an HTML5 build that seems to work ok. It's definitely choppier than the native builds but it is playable!

In the HTLM5 build, 'z' is jump and arrow keys are for movement.

In the Native build, 'space' is jump and arrow keys are for movement.


Rich's Riches (1.0.0 build 832) (Linux 64-bit).zip 5 MB


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OpenFL (or is it HaxeFlixel?) looks like a very good framework for developing web-games and possibly applications. I will have to check these out. :)

It's HaxeFlixel. This is the first project I've done with it but I'm really loving it. Exporting this as an html5 application was actually an after-thought because I didn't have easy access to a windows or osx computer and I didn't want to only have a linux build. Definitely check it out! It's great!